Don Bastian's unique, hand carved Exterior and Interior Doors & Gates

All Doors are styled with the West Coast theme to meet our client's dream.

Styles include: dutch doors, interior, exterior, oversized, dog, fairy, barn rail, bat winged, pocket,garage, wine cellar doors, door panels and distinctive gates.  

Don Bastian hand crafted country dutch door

Hand Crafted Custom Doors

Don Bastian Hand Carved Arched Vine Leaf Exteriordoor
Don Bastian Carved Vines Arched exterior door
 Hand Carved Leaf and Vine Exterior Arched Dutch Door with Exterior Shelf and Stained Glass
Carved Whale Tail Door Telegraph Cove Hotel
Hand carved ocean themed doors adorn the new Telegraph Cove Lodge.
Main entrance sports a huge whale tail and Gordie's Star fish.
Inside handles arehand carved bull kelp. 
This beautifully hand carved interior door is now available at the
Telegraph Cove Art Gallery 

Hand carved otter swimming through bull kelp, Glass balls for ocean bubbles and a window accent the sea themeddoor. 
Don Bastian Carved Arbutus Tree on Door
Raven catching the Moon wine cellar door

Doors the first impression to what lay behind them. 

Island Flow interior door with glass, iron and wood
Carved Door with kelp flowing over stain glassed sail boat window

Created with an artists eye. Unique. Classic. 

Hand crafted iron cross interior door
Don Bastian Hand carved Heron sitting on a branch

A never forgotten entrance to your space.

Door entitled Lady at the Door, driftwood piece
Jakes Interior Dog Door

A bedroom door just for Jake

Exterior door with branch and glass, along with side panel
When this door opens it appears to "break" the tree branch that flows into the side panel. 
Exterior door with glass and driftwood full log
For many years our logo door, now the entrance to Telegraph Cove Art Gallery. The tree goes through this exterior door and is not cut in half. The door is the same inside and out. 
Hand crafted dutch door on float home
Hand Carved Towel adorns Door
A hand carved wooden towel hangs on this bathroom
interior door
Don Bastian Carved Fairy Door
Hand Carved Leaves and vine on Fairy Door
Don Bastian Carved vine leaf exterior door with glass balls
Carved Flowers with Glass Balls and Glass Side Panel on this Exterior Door 

Interior Barn Rail Doors

Close up detail of hand carved leaves and vine on door
Hand Carved Leaf and Vine exterior door, with detailed close up
Hand carved leaf and vine exterior door

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